The N.E.W. Fit Program™
Maximize Your Weight Loss

The N.E.W. Fit Program™ uses a highly effective, low-glycemic index, high protein, ketogenic program to drop your weight rapidly and start you on the path to permanent weight loss.

This simple program design allows you to set a personal weight loss target and personalize the program to your goals and their needs. The program begins with a medically-designed, very low-calorie, ketogenic phase (VLCD), followed by a transition to a low-glycemic index, low-calorie phase (LCD). After maximizing your weight loss, the goal is to identify a new eating pattern that will result in long-term weight control.

In consultation with Dr. Quebbemann, you decide on a goal weight and dates for starting and completing the weight loss program. (These goals and dates can be modified later if desired.) Once you have achieved the initial weight loss goal, you will begin the transition phase. The transition to a new normal diet can then be done using our Dietary Rebuild™ Program (recommended) or by simply transitioning gradually to a whole-foods diet tailored to your personal preferences. After successfully completing the program, you will have identified your own personally tailored, new normal diet.

Exercise is a important part of every permanent weight loss program. All scientific studies evaluating methods of permanent weight control have identified exercise as an essential factor in maintaining a stable weight. Dr. Quebbemann is a strong believer in re-evaluating your exercise methods and goals whenever you decide to improve your baseline fitness. For those clients that are confident in their ability to proceed with their own exercise regimen, documentation of exercise is important. For clients looking for more guidance, working with an exercise professional is recommended. Our clinic has several personal training consultants that we highly recommend and will provide you with a referral if you wish.

The end goal is to achieve your Best Weight, and to have identified an eating pattern and an exercise program that you truly enjoy. When you successfully complete a permanent weight loss program you should always have developed a personalized fitness lifestyle that works for you. This is then your New Normal Lifestyle.

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