The S.L.I.M.M.S.™ Procedure – Experimental

S.L.I.M.M.S.™ is an experimental procedure combining
the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and Gastric Bypass

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About S.L.I.M.M.S.™

The S.L.I.M.M.S.™ Procedure is an experimental procedure developed by Dr. Brian Quebbemann. The purpose is to combine the beneficial effects of both the Gastric Sleeve and the Gastric Bypass, without increasing the surgical risk. S.L.I.M.M.S.™ is currently an new surgical procedure. It’s being performed as a clinical trial for people suffering from Diabetes, Obesity, and conditions related to metabolic syndrome.

S.L.I.M.M.S.™ stands for Surgically Limit Intake and Manage Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions that dramatically increase the risk of coronary artery disease, stroke and diabetes. These conditions include Abdominal Obesity, Hypertension, Elevated Blood Sugar and Imbalance of Cholesterol.

Metabolic surgical operations alter intestinal hormones and can result in dramatic improvement, and sometimes resolution, of Metabolic Syndrome.

The S.L.I.M.M.S.™ Procedure is a modified combination of the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy and the Gastric Bypass. It involves removal of the upper portion of the stomach (Gastric Fundus and a portion of the Gastric Body) and bypass of the first portion of the small intestine.

The goals of this operation are to #1 – cure abdominal obesity by decreasing appetite (hunger) and increasing early satiety (fullness), and #2 – resolve metabolic syndrome by decreasing glucose (sugar) production and improving insulin resistance (pre-diabetes).

Candidates for this experimental procedure are people that have abdominal obesity, have been unable to lose weight using non-surgical methods, and have one or more of the conditions involved in metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Brian Quebbemann has been involved in several clinical trials, has presented his results at national and international surgical conferences, and has published multiple scientific reports in peer-reviewed surgical journals. (See Dr. Quebbemann’s Curriculum Vitae) For information on this clinical trial please call 949-722-7662.

The S.L.I.M.M.S. Procedure
Dr. Brian Quebbemann of The N.E.W. Program