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Lost 105 Pounds


As a child I never had any kind of a weight problem. It was not until I had my first child, 12 years ago, that I suddenly started packing on the pounds. 3 children and 100+ pounds later I was frustrated, exhausted, and scared. I had tried everything to lose weight. You name the diet, pill, or program and I tried it. I used to pray for a thyroid problem as it would be so much easier than facing the rest of my life as an obese adult.


My husband has a very good friend who had the Gastric Bypass procedure and we watched his life change! I was so motivated by his success with the procedure I scheduled an appointment with his surgeons. I HATED that guy. He was rude, made me feel like a part on the assembly line. I left his office so discouraged. I thought maybe I was not ready for this surgery, then I read about Dr. Quebemann and The N.E.W. Program. I went to see them. I LOVED Dr. Quebemann. He was so patient with me. He listened to all my concerns, answered all of my questions, gave me so much wonderful information about the surgery and showed me what my life could be long term. I trusted him so much that I scheduled my surgery that day. Even before I got the go-ahead from my husband. I just knew this was the surgeon for me.


By my 1-year anniversary date I have lost 105 pounds and I felt like myself again. I workout, lift weights, dance, and swim (even wearing a tankini these days :). I don’t have to walk sideways through a turnstile or avoid booths at restaurants. I don’t max out the seatbelt on an airplane. I am finally free of the shame I carried around for so many years. I shop like a mad woman. I was a size 20 and now I am a size 2. The only store in the mall I could shop in one year ago, is now the only store in the mall that I can’t! That is a great feeling. I had a photograph taken of me in one leg of the jeans I wore to the hospital the morning of my surgery! Life is so precious to me and I am so grateful to have been given the chance to fully live again. I feel wonderful, I look wonderful and most of all I will get to be alive for my children for so much longer! I cannot tell you how glad I am I took this leap of faith.

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