Patient Stories

Former Patient Certified Board Surgeon

“Almost a decade ago I went to a prominent Southern California University for weight loss surgery. I underwent Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy with one of their faculty, and the chief of bariatric surgery told me afterwards that he checked on my surgery and said it was “a great job.” I had problems from the first week; my appetite was the same as it had been before the Sleeve procedure and I only lost a fraction of the weight I wanted to lose.  Not only that but I developed severe, intermittent GERD and heartburn as well as chest pain and had to go to a hospital emergency room twice for chest pain. I underwent heart testing and even an angiogram (which can be risky) and nothing was wrong with my heart.  7 years after my gastric sleeve I met Dr. Quebbemann and assisted him in several bariatric surgeries. He was very knowledgeable, and his surgical skills were outstanding. Eventually I got an Upper GI (X-Ray) study and showed it to Dr. Quebbemann. He told me that my gastric sleeve anatomy was wrong and that was most likely the cause of my chest pain. I asked him if he could fix it and he said “Yes.” I underwent Revision of my Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Quebbemann and it was a phenomenal success. I highly recommend Dr. Brian Quebbemann for both his depth of knowledge and his exemplary surgical skills.”

Quote from Board Certified Surgeon and Grateful Patient (name withheld for professional reasons)

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    PIA P.

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