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A top weight loss clinic will consider a holistic, comprehensive approach when it comes to permanent weight loss. Weight loss in Orange County is simply the first step in a bigger journey to better lifestyle choices for long term results and better health and wellbeing.

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Founded by Dr Quebbemann, one of the leading weight loss specialists in the USA, The NEW Program is not just about weight loss surgery. It is also a medical weight loss clinic catering to patients who are seeking weight loss surgery, who have had weight loss surgery, or those who are considering only a medical approach to their weight loss journey.

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Education and lifestyle modification are the keys to the medical approach at The N.E.W. Program weight loss center in Orange County.  Dr Quebbemann not only performs gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery; he also recognises that permanent weight loss is extremely difficult to achieve – especially in the modern world.

The N.E.W. Program’s medical approach to permanent weight loss boils down to understanding that it relies on adopting a lifestyle that keeps you fit and which you enjoy. Through making lifelong changes to how and what you eat, how and when you exercise, and how you think and feel about food, you can implement what it takes to live a healthier life with a slimmer body, a greater sense of wellbeing, at an ideal and maintainable weight for you.

The N.E.W. Program medical weight loss solution can be used in tandem with surgery or on its own. It incorporates:

  • Meal replacements, Nutritional supplements, and Minimal-calorie foods
  • Exercise lifestyle as part of The N.E.W. Fit Program™
  • Maintenance diet
  • Dr Q’s Dietary Rebuild™ for your New Normal Diet

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