Am I a Gastric Bypass Candidate?

Gastric bypass surgery essentially makes the stomach smaller and reroutes the small intestine, allowing the patient to feel full with smaller portions, absorb fewer minerals, and experience an overall improvement [...]

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Recovery After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery has been performed for over 30 years, helping countless individuals achieve successful weight loss. However, recovery is a crucial part of the process. When you undergo gastric [...]

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U.S. News Article Quotes from Dr. Quebbemann about “Preparing for Weight Loss”…

U.S. News posted an article last month wherein our Dr. Quebbemann was asked to give some tips on what people can do before they start a weight loss plan. Just [...]

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The Science of Metabolism, Explained by Dr. Quebbemann…

Dr. Quebbemann is a renown weight loss expert and he often receives interview requests and invitations to speak on a variety of topics related to weight loss. One topic that [...]

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Dr. Quebbemann’s 5 Tips for Nutrition Success…

1. Eat Chewable Food—Not “Mush” -Chewing food provides more satisfaction when eating. Eating soft mushy foods that don’t require chewing will decrease your satisfaction after a meal and result in [...]

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The NEW Fit Weight Loss Program for Fast Results…

New year. NEW Fit. New YOU. When most people hear of medical weight loss and The NEW Program, they automatically think of one word: surgery. That word can carry a [...]

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Why Is Weight Loss So Much Easier for Guys?

One woman tried to lose weight with her boyfriend—and just about lost her mind. Here, experts explain why men lose weight so much faster than women, plus the best ways [...]

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