Bariatric Revision Surgery

Bariatric Revision Surgery

Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve Revisions

The most common reasons people need a revision of their Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve are significant weight regain or moderate weight gain with return of weight-related medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea.

Surgical revision works best when combined with dietary counseling that will to identify eating habits to maximize your success.

The most common anatomic reasons for weight regain are.

  • Stomach Dilation: This is a condition where the gastric sleeve or gastric bypass pouch dilates, stretches or enlarges.
  • Anastomotic Dilation: This is a condition where the connection between the gastric bypass pouch and the intestine stretches or dilates.
  • Initial Surgery: If you failed to lose weight rapidly after your initial surgery, or you lost weight for several months but then regained weight despite following dietary recommendations, the anatomy created at the time of your initial surgery may not have been correct.

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Concerned About inadequate Weight Loss or Weight Regain?

If you are concerned about inadequate weight loss or weight regain, your first step should be to make sure that your stomach anatomy is ideal for success. Dr. Quebbemann will recommend certain tests, including X-Ray testing and Endoscopy, to evaluate your anatomy. After obtaining the necessary testing, he will discuss your options with you. A commitment to improving your dietary habits and maintaining an active lifestyle with healthy exercise habits is always required if you hope for permanent weight loss success.

Surgical options for improving weight control are.

  • Mini-Revision: a procedure for tightening a gastric bypass
  • Re-Sleeve: recreating the ideal gastric sleeve anatomy
  • Bypass Revision: making the gastric pouch, stomach connection, or both smaller
  • Combination Gastric Sleeve/Gastric Bypass: where the final anatomy includes both a gastric bypass and removal of the portion of the stomach that is known to produce the hunger hormone, Ghrelin.
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If you haven’t maintained your original weight loss goals, or if complications have occurred, Dr. Brian Quebbemann can help.

Dr. Quebbemann has been seeing patients regarding many different types of bariatric complications for 23 years. He offers both surgical corrections as well as his patented methods for improving weight control without surgery. Complications he has treated include Lack of Weight Loss, Weight Regain, Gastroesophageal Reflux, Band Slip and Erosion, Stomach Dilation, Abdominal Pain and others. As one of the most experienced and skilled bariatric surgeons in America, patients struggling with complications can be comfortable knowing they are in good hands.

Dr. Quebbemann has performed hundreds of surgical revisions with excellent results.  For tips on how to achieve your best weight after surgery, read Dr. Quebbemann’s book “World’s Greatest Weight Loss” available on Amazon.

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