About The N.E.W. Program

Cutting-Edge Weight Loss Options in California

The most comprehensive medical weight loss system and safest surgical weight loss options await you at The N.E.W. Program! Our state-of-the-art weight loss clinic—which is centrally located in Orange County and includes our full team of specialists—provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to finally triumph permanent weight loss. Here, every scientifically proven and highly effective tool is available to help you succeed with your weight loss goals.

Well-Recognized Weight Loss Clinic Providing:

  • Central location, easy access, and all specialists working in the same center
  • Experts in bariatric medicine, nutrition, exercise, clinical psychology, and minimally invasive weight loss surgery
  • Leading-edge FDA-approved procedures with the highest level of safety
  • State-of-the-art minimally invasive weight loss surgery
  • Patient education seminars, informal peer support groups, one-to-one counseling, and more
  • Personalized attention and dedication to the long-term success of every patient
  • Long track record of excellent weight loss outcomes and one of the lowest complications rates

How Our Orange County Weight Loss Program Is Different

From your first step inside our center, you will quickly see that The N.E.W. Program is truly dedicated to safe and effective weight loss, providing a comprehensive support and education system that leads to permanent improvement in your life. Our goal is for every client to achieve their best weight, an enjoyable yet healthy eating pattern, and an activity level that brings more happiness to their lives.

Our system is simple. No chronic dieting or fad diets, no strange remedies or magical supplements and, no extreme exercise. Just the truth, and a lot of help and support in developing a lifestyle that you enjoy which can keep you from ever having to diet again.

Whether you have chosen to benefit from our renowned surgical weight loss program or have decided to enroll in our comprehensive non-surgical program, our entire team will be totally dedicated to your success.

You can learn more about our team by checking out Dr. Quebbemann’s and Dr. Garner’s bios. You can also call us at any time to discuss your weight loss options.

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